Here...(the studio)

Art Van Go couldn't ask for a better location--unless, of course, it's in Holland, where the studio's namesake lived. On this side of the Atlantic, you'll find the Art Van Go studio among outdoor cafes, specialty shops, and even a ballet studio in the historic and eclectic neighborhood of Lake Park, Florida. The studio offers children and their parents a cultural experience filled with art and fun.

As you step inside the studio, a portrait of Art van Goat, the studio mascot, greets you with a smile. Walk farther and you'll step into a space that outshines anything you'd find at the Louvre or National Gallery of Art. Sure we've got the Mona Lisa and Greek columns, but we've also got sunflowers taller than you.

The atmosphere is funky, homey, and definitely created with children in mind. Twinkling lights, mobiles, and inflated moose heads hang above while low tables and little chairs are below. The children decorate the walls with their own masterpieces, turning the studio into a playhouse where expression runs free. The children take great pride in this school they've made their home.

There...(the van)

Despite what some realtors say, location isn't everything. In fact, Art Van Go can bring its leading art education programs to you! The spirit of the studio arrives in a white van featuring the swirling brushstrokes that made one Dutch artist famous. Parents and children look forward to seeing the van drive down their street because they know it will serve enriching artsy activities. The van travels to home parties, schools, and other events.


We can deliver Art Van Go to anyplace in the continental USA.
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