Who's Running the Show?

Founder and President: Sue Carlson

Sue Carlson has taught art for more than 30 years to students of all ages, and during that time she has practiced and perfected effective teaching methods that not only encourage students' artistic abilities but also increase their capacity to discover the world around them. Her teaching methods translate into lessons that motivate students to explore their potential and learn about art all while creating their own masterpieces.

With a degree in fine arts, Ms. Carlson shares professional techniques with her students, enabling them to create unique works of art. With additional credentials in gifted education, multiple intelligences, and learning styles, Ms. Carlson makes learning FUN and accessible to everyone, whatever their age. In her classes, students learn interactively through visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic ways, which further enrich the experience.

BFA Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois

Member: National Art Education Association

Member: Florida Association for Gifted Children


Curriculum and Instruction Consultant: Dr. Gloria Appelt, EdD, University of Houston

Culture and History Consultant: Dr. Sam Slick, PhD, University of Iowa

Communications Director: Emily A. Carlson, MA, Johns Hopkins University

Business Manager: Phillip A. Carlson, MBA, University of Illinois

Webmaster and Technology Director: Chad Marti, PMP, BS, Marquette University


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