What Parents Say...

"Not only have my two daughters created their own works of delightful art, but they also have provided the family with an Art Van Go education and experience! Kudos on a cutting-edge idea. We look forward to many more years of unique programs and fun!" -- Dave Kline

"Thank you for such a wonderful party. Gabriella and her friends will remember this birthday forever. I am sure you will receive many more inquiries for parties. Maybe even a 40 year old! Honestly, you were a blessing and we really appreciate everything you did to make her party so wonderful." -- Mary Jo McPhail

"We appreciate the great care you take in teaching Emeline." -- Kate Boehringer

"ArtVanGo is a wonderful enhancement to our homeschool history curriculum and our study of the great artists. Sue Carlson has a gifted ability to bring out the creativity in every student. While the students joyfully create, Sue is busy filling their minds with appreciation, knowledge and love of the arts. We Art Van Grateful!" -- Lisa Murphy

"Michael made it in to the Dreyfoos School of the Arts visual arts program. Thank you for all your encouragement and support of him over the years. It was you who first believed in him and directed him. He says that without you, he wouldn't have thought he was talented!" -- Lisa Berman

"Thank you so much for selecting my daughter's artwork for the Arti Gras competition. It couldn't have come at a better time. She was feeling frustrated and tired with schoolwork and then found out she was an art finalist. It is amazing how far a little positive reinforcement can go! I feel extremely fortunate that my child is able to experience art, in its many facets, through you. Thank you for giving all you do." -- Dawn Sabatino

"My child's art awareness and knowledge of the vast varieties of art-culture are largely due to Art Van Go. He is constantly amazing us with tidbits he's learned in Art Van Go sessions, as well as the over the top outcomes in terms of qualitative art produced. A magnificent, priceless concept and it's a program children love! Thank you, Art Van Go!" -- Julie Smith

"Art Van Go blends the perfect amount of drawing instruction and fun! I'm amazed at the artwork my 4 year old brings home. At Art Van Go, my daughter has fun creating her own masterpieces. At Art Van Go my 4 year old receives drawing instruction without even knowing it. To her she is just having fun." -- Nancy Landers

"Molly learned so much. She learned to appreciate art and knows wonderful little details about the lives of so many artists. More importantly, she learned to "do" and enjoy what she does. She likes the process. Would Molly draw and paint and construct even if she were alone on earth? Absolutely. She is an artist now. What a wonderful teacher and wonderful place." -- Lynn Szymoniak

What Students Say...

"Mrs. Carlson is a cool teacher. She's cool and funny. In the studio, she makes us feel like we're at home - a place you want to be. I like to enter art contests. I felt so good when I won! This art is awesome compared to school. At school I only get art one semester." -- Alex

"Mrs. Carlson explains everything so well. She is very accepting to everyone." -- Molly

'Roses are red, violets are blue. My life would be blue if I didn't have you." -- Molly

"At school I'm not challenged in art. It's too easy. It's just coloring and pasting. But when I come to Art Van Go it helps me learn more about how to do art in special ways. You can even do it by kind of acting out. We learn cool techniques." -- Charlie

"When Mrs. Carlson has a culture party, it's not just about painting and eating food. She adds spirit to the whole party." -- Melissa

"My mom brought me here because she thought I'd like it. And, I do. We get to do cool things like stacking wood scraps, painting them and adding bits of trash." -- Lyda

"I come here because we get to paint and sometimes we get to hang up our stuff." -- Bailey

"My first impression was, 'This is going to be fun because I'm going to paint.' I take art at school and I like it. I come here because I can work on it longer." -- Molly T.

"It's my favorite place to make art - I can't wait to make fish at my birthday party. I love this place. There's a mummy in here." -- Maxine

"I like coming to Art Van Go because it's close to my school. I have 18 people in class at school and this is a little group. I learn more." -- Caitlin

"I meet new people here everyday. If I meet new people, I can learn more from them." -- Emeline

"I come here because it's fun. I get to draw stuff . Mrs. Carlson teaches us how to draw. At school I just make little clay stuff. I like drawing better." -- Brian

"In art at school I don't get to use different materials. Here we use lots of materials. Each week it's a surprise to find out what we're going to make." -- Colin

"I like it that we can get our own supplies at the studio. There's many more choices too." -- Tania

"Now that I'm home schooled I have more time to do art and I can have longer art lessons." -- Mary

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